Online systems

Writing my first Gopher and HTTP applications in the mid-1990's, I have developed several online project - for various types of corporate clients as well as my own funky in-house projects. Some of these are still very much active and alive, whereas others are left for future digital archaeologists to find.

For my corporate client projects, check out my Portfolio (external clients). was one of the first online condom stores in Sweden when launched in 2001. Apart from standard deliveries, Kondomklubben offered fully tailorized subscriptions: four of these, two of that, with ten deliveries every 3rd week. Everything coded from scratch (PHP/MySQL), supplemented with external servies for card payments.

Keeping it all SFW, also offered the Kondomhoroskop - your personal condom horoscope - and the magnificent TrÀffo-matic - a prehistoric Tinder. Both these services are still active so go ahead.

Kondomklubben radio jingle played in southern Sweden:

Getting my first full-size arcade game cabinet in 2000 as a way to pre-empt my 30-year midlife crisis, I build (aka AT) from scratch (PHP/MySQL), opening the doors to the public in 2001. Consisting of standard community features - profile page, contact list, messages etc - AT is centered around the very active discussion forums and the databases of arcade game stuff each of us have. With almost 12k verified members and intense daily activity, AT is an institution for arcade game enthusiasts in Sweden and Scandinavia. (and NetRepository) is a working prototype of a cloud-based web system for social network analysis. With individual user accounts, datasets can either be uploaded or picked from NetRepository, a sibling online repository for network data. In addition to various import and export filters, allows for various transformations and some basic analytical metrics and heuristics - such as role-analysis, multidimensional scaling, centrality indices. Both and NetRepository, including all analytical functions, are fully implemented in PHP.


Combining some innovative soft- and hardware development, JukeMp3 was a private music system in my apartment in Malmö that was publicly accessible/controlled through the Interwebz. Implemented in two separate hardware systems - the IcqMp3 and Lack PC - both were built on the MINI-ITX form factor PC, mounted in, respectively, a 5 cm thick IKEA Lack shelf and an old, discarded desk drawer. Whereas IcqMp3 has a HD44780 LCD display to show mp3 tag info, the Lack PC had a CD/DVD player. Their hard drives were packed with MP3 songs, divided up into artists and albums.

Whereas both were connected to the Internet and allowed for public control over playback, their interfaces differed somewhat. As its name suggests, the IcqMp3 was controlled through the ICQ instant messenger protocol. Having its own user account, the IcqMp3 player would act as virtual online friend for those who were its friend, popping up as online whenever IcqMp3 was turned on. These friends could then "chat" commands, telling IcqMp3 what to play, alter volume, and even tell IcqMp3 to pass on messages to me (using Festival speech synthesis). The LackPC was controlled through a custom-made website. Running a LAMP web server, anyone could surf into my living room, check out what I was listening to, and change this at their will. And they could also - if they were nice (i.e. my IRL friends) - stream my mp3:s for their own enjoyment.

MöllevÄ [] is a web community aimed at residents in the fantastic MöllevÄngen district in Malmö, Sweden. First launched in 2006, obtaining a user base of approximately 1300 people, the site was relaunched in 2011 (thanks to a grant from the .SE foundation).

The community engine is coded from scratch in PHP/MySQL, using a web community framework I developed (subsequently published as a series of feature articles in the Datormagazin periodical). In addition to standard community features (e.g. profile pages, internal mail, discussion forums, friendship system etc), also houses its own GIS/maps system (also homecooked), where each person, location, event etc could be linked to a particular spatial coordinate.


SeeYou@CEU was a web community I developed while doing my postdoc at Central European University. With baseline community functionality - profile pages, galleries, forum, internal mails, friendship systems etc - membership creation and logging in was connected to the local LDAP system at the university. Although remaining a pilot project, the system was actively used by a handful of people in the old Nador 15 building to coordinate visits to the nearby Dzsem cafe!

Valkalkylator 2009

For the EU parliament election in 2009, the swedish daily paper Dagens Nyheter released a so-called party affiliation test where the user, by responding to a series of statements, would find out the nearest political party. Recycling the questions in this test in Valkalkylator 2009, I added the possibility of weighted responses, supplementing the non-discrete opinion inputs with how important the user found each issue. Becoming viral in the run-up of the election, the newspaper Expressen subsequently hired me to produce their Valkalkylator 2010 application for the swedish parliamentary elections of 2010 (check professional portfolio).