Art & Artifacts


My crocheting stuff

As a disciple to the crocheting artist Jenny Samuelsson, I started crocheting in the mid-2000. Soon thereafter, I found my niche as a crocheter of video game graphics. Starting off with some classics - Jet Set Willy, Space invader, and Mario (1981) - I developed a technique for embedded multi-threading where my crocheted works look identical from both sides. Although my preferred needle size is 2.5, I also went into nano-crocheting (needle 1) for doing earrings, as well as thicker (needle 6) stuff for doing sofa pillows.

In 2013, Printa gallery in Budapest invited me to exhibit my work, resulting in the exhibition Crocheting Pixels: A collection of Sprites. From this, they also created a series of textile products, based on photos of my crocheted pixels. After this overdose of hipsterism, I took a break from crocheting for a couple of years, but I have recently picked it up again - and loving it just as much.


Connected to my vintage arcade game hobby and my various hardware projects, I have dabbled a bit in electronics, putting my old electronics and electrical engineering courses to practice. The majority of these projects are connected to arcade gaming: I build a workbench for testing game PCBs, and have spent several hours creating Jamma adapters. The various Mini-ITX projects often had external electronics components to them as well - I build a high-voltage relay controlled by the parallel output signals, and similarly connected HD44780 displays to some of my machines. Loads of fun!

In essence, I converted my would-be bedroom in Malmö into a workshop, instead sleeping in the hall.

Mini-ITX: Embedded PCs

Mini-ITX is/was a small form factor (17x17cm) PC motherboard that I wrote an article about in the Datormagazin periodical. I soon got hooked and started embedding these small PC:s in various random stuff: IKEA furniture, an Indian cupboard, a broken PS2 casing etc. I made three IKEA Lack PC's with different hardware specifications and usages - CD/DVD-rom, IR receiver, HD44780 LCD display etc. One was connected to a huge beacon light, lighting up my workshop everytime I got a new incoming message from someone.

The original Lack PC was part of an exhibition in 2004 about "modified computers" at the National Museum of Science and Technology, where it received the prize for the best item on display.

Pencil drawings

Quantitative network methods, electronics, programming etc - I am obviously a geek, where even my "artistic" output (i.e. crocheting) is highly geekified. Thus, I occasionally try to learn how to draw a bit less blueprintish, and a bit more fluffy-artistic. Back in high school, I used to draw stories for the comics paper we had at Katedralskolan.