PhD, Human Ecology, Lund university2010

Thesis monograph (180 ECTS): Social Ecography; Network Analysis, International Trade and an Emmanuelian Conceptualization of Ecological Unequal Exchange [Download]

Graduate coursework (60 ECTS):
• Social Network Analysis: Theory, Methods and Applications
• Economic Geography and Transport Geography
• Economic Development Theory
• Ecological-economic Anthropology
• Global Commodity Flow Analysis
• Trade and Environmental Justice
• Global Economic Processes and World-City Studies
• Ecological Economics

MA, Human Ecology, Lund university2001

• Human Ecology D (30 ECTS)
• Various courses in economics, economic history, languages (30 ECTS)

BA, Human Ecology, Lund university1998

• Human Ecology A-C (90 ECTS)
• Development studies A-B (60 ECTS)
• English A (30 ECTS)

Computer Engineering, Lund Technical College (LTH)1993-1995

• Various courses in programming, computer technology, algorithms and data structures, digital design, object-oriented modeling and design, physics, mathematics, etc (97.5 ECTS)


NordForsk Programme for Interdisciplinary ResearchDecember 2020

Main applicant and project lead for a 4-year Nordic research project on inter-ethnic relations in Denmark, Finland and Sweden. See NordForsk info page about the project.

World Society Foundation Award of ExcellenceApril 2013

Award (5,000 USD) received for the paper “Preceding and Governing Measurements: an Emmanuelian Conceptualization of Ecological Unequal Exchange”, presented at the PEWS/WSF conference in Riverside, California, 12-13 April, 2013

Postdoctoral fellowship (2 years), CEUSep 2011-Apr 2014

CEU 20th Anniversary fellowship: “Network Analysis in the Political Context” Department of Political Science; Center for Network Science, Central European University, Budapest

Postdoctoral fellowship (10 months), CEUDec 2012-Sep 2013

“Networks and Innovation” theme. Center for Network Science, Central European University, Budapest

Development grant, .SE FoundationJun-Aug 2011

Awarded a grant (10,000 EUR) to design and implement a web community – - for the Möllevången city district in Malmö, Sweden.

Research experience

Associate professor (senior lecturer) and docentOct 2021 onwards
Institute for Analytical Sociology, Linköping university

Senior lecturer and docent (tenured) at the Institute for Analytical Sociology, Linköping university, leading a large inter-Nordic research project on ethnic integration and network science.

Assistant professor/research fellow, MA program directorJan 2020-Sep 2021
Institute for Analytical Sociology, Linköping university

Ongoing research and teaching position (75%) and director of the MA program in Computational Social Science (25%) at the Institute for Analytical Sociology, Linköping university.

Assistant professor/research fellowJun 2017-Dec 2019
Institute for Analytical Sociology, Linköping university

Research fellow and junior lecturer at IAS, focusing on social-scientific network analysis, ethnic relations and population-register research.

Visiting researcher (4 months),Jan 2017-Apr 2017
Center for Network Science, CEU

Researcher in a pilot study on Global Production Networks, Structural Inequalities and Unequal Exchange

Researcher (4 months),Sep 2016-Dec 2016
Department of Economic History, Lund University

Researcher (4 months, full-time) at the Department of Economic History, Lund university, in the project “Who did the dirty work?”, led by Astrid Kander (PI). Main task to design a relational database for international relations – economic, demographic, political – in the period 1850-1914.

Research fellow (12+5 additional months)Jul 2014-May 2016
CEU, Budapest, and EUI, Florence

Research fellow in the MAXCAP project (FP7 no 320115) on the economic integration of South- and East-European countries, focusing on economic inter-sectorial linkages within and between EU countries. First period at Department of Political Science, Central European University, Budapest, subsequently relocated In February 2015 to Department of Sociology and Political Science, European University Institute, Florence.

Research fellow (2 months), CEUMay 2014-Jun 2014

Short-term partner in the Multiplex EU FP7 project, developing methods for analyzing weighted bipartite networks.

Postdoctoral research fellow (2 years), CEUSep 2011-Apr 2014

An open research fellowship at Central European University, jointly at the Department of Political Science and Center for Network Science, with an emphasis on political networks. Put on hold between Dec 2012-Sep 2013.

Postdoctoral research fellow (10 months), CEUDec 2012-Sep 2013

A second postdoctoral research fellowship at the Center for Network Science, CEU, focusing on networks of innovations in the framework of the project “Network sources of creativity” (National Science Foundation #1123807) led by professor David Stark (PI; Columbia University) and Balazs Vedres (CEU).

Research consultant, Royal Institute ofOct 2009-Feb 2011
Technology (KTH) and Gothenburg University

Partner (researcher/developer) in the “Household metabolism” project, corun by Department of Industrial Ecology, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, and Center for Consumer Science, Gothenburg University, on developing an environmental load calculator for Swedish households. Tasks involved developing algorithms and data structures, calculating conversion factors, and implementing a web-based environmental load calculator.

Commissioned researcher/analyst, NaturvĂĄrdsverketFall 2010
(Swedish Environment Protection Agency)

Conducting research and writing a report on the ecological footprint of Sweden’s production and foreign trade in primary agricultural goods for the 1995-1999 period, including an overview of previously done research. The report turned into the land use chapter in the “de Facto 2010” government report on Sweden’s environmental goals.


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Scientific software

Also see

Client (C#) for the handling, analysis and visualization of relational datasets, focusing on role-analysis, trade flow studies, and ecological footprimt analysis. Includes Indra, a .NET component library for visualizing relational data, controlled through its own scripting language. (Currently redeveloping)
Spindel 1.0 [More infoDownload]
Client (C#) for direct blockmodeling with goodness-of-fit function using weighted correlation coefficients. Supplements this article in Social Networks.
PowerCorePeri [Download]
Client (C#) for measuring and identifying power-relational core-periphery structures in valued and binary networks. Supplements this article in Network Science.
Client (C#) for force-directed visualization of networks in 2-dimensional closed space, i.e. on the surface of a rotating sphere. The client software offers several ways to customize the visuals and bind valued ties and actor attributes to the size of graphical objects. The client software also implements a Fruchterman-Reingold force-layout algorithm: the purpose of the client being to experiment whether close-space visualizations can yield better goodness-of-fits (such as Kruskal stress indices) compared to the traditional open-space visualizers.
Client (C#) for direct blockmodeling (structural, regular, generalized) of valued networks using local optimization (simulated annealing) algorithms for finding optimal partitions. Supplements article in Social Networks, 44.
Client (C#) for visualizing relational data, with an explicit focus on InputOutput datasets. Reads files from CeunetX and KrishKrosh. Implements a handful of force-directed layout algorithms and can visualize continuous actor attributes by color, size and shape.
Windows client (C#) implementing two novel metrics for measuring connectivity and overfit/performance of cross-border relations. Supplements article in Journal of European Integration, 37.
Working prototype (PHP/MySQL) of cloud-based web system for the handling and analysis of social network datasets. Functions for rudimentary nodal metrics, indirect regular and structural equivalence, multidimensional scaling, and several import/export filters - all written in PHP!
The very first online Ecological Footprint-calculator (JavaApplet) for households, developed in collaboration with Mathis Wackernagel in 1997!


  • The functional anatomy of spatial segregation: Using multiplex blockmodeling techniques to map the structure and dynamics of ethnic segregation in Stockholm, 1991-2012. Paper presented at the 38th Sunbelt conference (International Network for Social Network Analysis), Utrecht, The Netherlands, June-July 2018.
  • Romantic integration, residential segregation: case studies in register-based network analyses of inter-ethnic relations in Sweden, 1968-2012. Keynote address at the Timisoara Workshop on Research Methods: Network Science Applications in Social Sciences, Timisoara, Romania, November 28-30, 2017.
  • Using network-analytical methods to conceptualize and measure the integration of European peripheries between 1997-2010. Paper presented at the EU Integration and Diverging Pathways Away from the Periphery in Europe conference, European University institute, Florence, 21-22 Nov 2014.
  • Patterns of the Semiperiphery: Using Valued Blockmodeling Techniques to Map and Specify the Relational Characteristics of Semiperipheral Countries. Paper presented at the 18th International Sociological Association World Congress, Yokohama, Japan, July 2014.
  • Core-Periphery Structures and the World-Economy: Bridging Historical Conceptualizations with Contemporary Network-analytical Operationalizations. Paper presented at the 33rd Sunbelt conference (International Network for Social Network Analysis), Hamburg, Germany, May 2013.
  • Local Government Communication Networks across Borders: A Study of Four Euroregions. Paper presented (with Dr Sara Svensson, CEU) at the 33rd Sunbelt conference (International Network for Social Network Analysis), Hamburg, Germany, May 2013.
  • Preceding and Governing Measurements: An Emmanuelian Conceptualization of Ecological Unequal Exchange. Paper presented at the Political Economy of the World-System/World Society Foundation conference, UC Riverside, April 2013.
  • Visualizing Relational/Network Data: A SmörgĂĄsbord of Approaches, Interpretations, and Caveats. Workshop at the Political Science Annual Doctoral Conference, CEU, April 2012.
  • Going with the Grain: A Longitudinal Study of International Trade in Wheat, 1993-2010. Paper presented at the 32nd Sunbelt conference (International Network for Social Network Analysis), Redondo beach, CA, March 2012.
  • Exo-logical Unequal Exchange. Seminar held in the Irvine Comparative Sociology Workshop series, UC Irvine, March 2012.

Teaching experience

Program director, 2-year international MSc program in Computational Social Science, Linköping university Jan 2020-Sep 2021

Management and directorship of the international Masters programme in Computational Social Science, provided by the Institute for Analytical Sociology, Linköping university.

Teacher, Statistics and Data Science 1Autumn 2019-2021

Planning and conducting a graduate course in introductory statistics and data science, aimed at 1st year students in the MSc program in Computational Social Science at Linköping university.

Assistant teacher, Social network analysisSpring 2018

Teacher assistant on graduate course in social network analysis, held by professor Steglich at Linköping university.

Teacher, Social-scientific network analysisSpring 2015

Planning and conducting a graduate course on social-scientific network analysis for PhD students at European University Institute, Florence.

Assistant teacher, Network Science and Applications2012-2014

Teacher assistant on graduate course on network science and its applications, held by professor Barabasi at CEU (3 occurrences). Tasks involved supervising, grading and some lecturing.

Assistant teacher, Fundamental ideas in Network Science2012-2014

Teacher assistant on graduate course on fundamentals in network science, held by professor Kertesz at CEU (3 occurrences). Tasks involved supervising, grading, administration and lecturing.

Teacher, Global Environmental Justice2004-2006

Planning and conducting undergraduate online course at Human Ecology Division, Lund university (5 occurrences).


  • Peer-reviewing: Ambio, Cities journal, Conservation Biology, International Journal of Comparative Sociology, Journal of Complex Networks, Journal of World-Systems Research, Social Networks, GeoJournal, British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, Journal of Computational Social Science, Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, Geographical analysis, Romanian Journal of Political Science
  • Supervision of several MSc/BA thesis, co-supervision of two ongoing PhD theses.
  • PhD thesis committee member, Department of Environmental Science, CEU (internal advisor), Department of Sociology, Corvinus university (committee member)
  • Developing and running - previously running seminar series at Center for Network Science, CEU.
  • Swedish (fluent), English (fluent), German (basic), Russian (basic), Malay (beginner)
  • Fluent in C#, Java, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Perl, Z80 assembler. Okay in R, Python and D3 (v4).
  • Army sergeant training, Nordic Infantry Battalion (1991-1992)