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And welcome to my website. Which incidentally is placed on the domain of the company I once ran - Demesta HB - so you have reached us both!

I am Carl, currently living in the beautiful town of Norrköping, where I work as an assistant profesor (biträdande universitetslektor) at the Institute for Analytical Sociology. My research is centered around social-scientific network analysis, particularly role-analysis and blockmodeling. My substantive research focus is currently on inter-ethnic relations, integration and segregation, addressing these issues by combining network-analytical methods and population-register data.

I love my academic work, but I equally love other stuff as well - such as semi-professional crocheting, building computerized furniture, 8-bit game development, former condom business owner, and C# programmer. And I speak a bit of Malay.

This website is divided into five sections, spanning both my academic work as well as personal hobbies and projects and previous corporate clients. Navigation on this website is best done using using the menu in the upper-left corner.

See the mail form to the right? Drop me a message! The form sure looks professional, but I am indeed the only receiver and I will of course respond to your email – but only me. And not for spamming about Viagra. Possibly condoms though - or horoscopes thereof.

Also – knowing myself – it is quite likely that I will add some funky functions to this website in the very near future, so do sign up for Carl News as well! This means that I’ll send you a little email, telling you when this whole place has turned into my own little web community – or something similar megalomaniac.

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